Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Net £16m of physical gold ETFs sold on LSE on Tuesday March 6 2012

Total sales - I think - of physical gold ETFs on the London Stock Exchange today were worth £40.6 million while total purchases came to £24.6 million = net sales of £16 million.

Most of this happened via various ETF Securities' physical gold products but also iShares and Deutsche Bank.

PHAU: today's trading saw £13.6m worth of shares bought compared to £23.1 million sold.

PHGP(sterling version of PHAU): saw £0.53 million bought compared to £2.35 million sold.

GBS (can't be held in an ISA because it can be redeemed as gold): saw  £9.3 million bought and £13.7 million sold. The image shows some odd systematic identical sales.

(Apparently ETFS has launched a load of sterling hedged versions too: Index Universe)

Also iShares physical gold ETF: SGLN saw £0.26 million worth of shares bought compared to £0.07 million sold.

And Deutsch Bank's db x-trackers physical gold ETF: XGLD which saw £0.94 million worth bought  and £1.4 million's worth sold.

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