Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I bought gold before it dropped below $1,690

On Monday morning I bought 10 gold shares -  the ETF Securities Physical Gold exchange traded fund shares with the London Stock Exchange symbol of PHAU. (LSE shows there were two £8m PHAU sales today at around 9.44am)

What did I pay? It was £1,066 for the ten shares including Hargreaves Lansdown's £11.95 trading fee - as discussed in the past HL doesn't say how much the exchange rate was or what price I was paying in dollars. But I think I bought at just under $1,700 per ounce.

Gold has fallen again today - Thursday March 6 - but less so in terms of sterling: here's what the dollar ($) (PHAU) version looks like versus the and sterling £ (PHGP): (link to Google chart)

Due to the fee (the £11.95 works out at about 1.12% of the total) and the timing of my purchase my PHAU shares are registering a 2% fall in one day.

But that's not a concern - if  I actually wanted to buy 10 more shares I wouldn't see anything like a 2% saving. If I'd bought shares this morning (at the price below) the £4.86 price difference would have equated to a 0.45% saving.


 What were the spreads?

Roughly speaking, at the time I was buying, the spread for PHAU was $166.7 - $166.59 = 0.06%

For PHGP, the sterling version which is fundamentally exactly the same, the spread was 0.113% nearly twice as wide. I'm still aiming to get a breakdown from some one - not sure who yet.

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