Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Indian gold tax effects

Hebba Investments writing at Seeking Alpha about India's war on gold and the unintended consequences - a more interesting story than most.

Watch the Rupee strength against the dollar because:

"depending on the amount of gold imported through unofficial channels, this policy may not even solve the CAD (current account deficit) problems experienced by the government because rupees will still be exchanged for other currencies to buy gold - it just will not be registered with government officials. One of the things investors should do is to keep an eye on the rupee-dollar exchange rate, if it continues to weaken that may be a sign that government policies are not working and large amounts of gold are still entering India through illegal imports.

In the meantime I haven't made any changes to my portfolio - some of the losses have lessened and I haven't got the money or the will to add any more at the moment.

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