Friday, 11 May 2012

Catching a falling knife attempt: buying more BlackRock Gold and General

Today I invested another £250 into the BlackRock Gold and General fund despite it's dreadful performance. To invest I had to place the order before 8am and the transaction went through at midday.

Where my holding stood yesterday

I've already invested £2,250 into this fund. Unfortunately - judged on yesterday's unit price - my investment has lost 20% of its value (£466) since I started buying. What remains had a value £1783.48 as of yesterday.

The new £250 investment went through at midday today (that's when the fund is valued) and the units cost 1192p each, down from 1194p yesterday.

That's a drop of 0.16% which shaves £3 off the value of my existing holding bringing it to £1780.

Where it stands now

With the addition of my new £250 holding my portfolio should now stand at a value of around £2030.

With units valued at 1192p and with £250 to spend I should get just under 21 units (20.97 units). That will be added to the 149 units I already own. So now I have 170 units.

Before the new investment was added:

After it was added:

The Hargreaves system had yet to update the new unit price and so the valuation and the performance are both out.

I'm now looking at how each of the 7 instalments I have paid into this fund have performed and how to interpret this.

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