Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rebound... sort of

This morning Reuters said: "Asia's physical gold market witnessed a buying frenzy as jewellers, traders and investors rushed to take advantage of the nearly $100 drop in prices overnight, helping to boost prices."

If I'd bought this morning this is what I'd have paid:

The gold price was rising up to the markets opening and then dropped again (the chart shows the last six hours):

So still down and still a buying opportunity:

PHAU and PHGP catching up a little with yesterday's falls after the London market closed: 

It's an opportunity that I still haven't taken... wondering if there's more to come, the usual. 

Just checking to see what else is on the agenda today in terms of news and people speaking, according to  this calendar, it's  quite a lot. 

Maybe I should also be thinking about adding to BlackRock Gold and General, in fact I'll see if I can do it now. 

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