Thursday, 5 January 2012

Holding on and not buying yet... a bad idea?

I still haven't bought back any gold ETFs and the price of gold is notching up higher. May be a mistake but I've got to make a few.

Yesterday Dennis Gartman told CNBC he should have bought when the gold price fell between Christmas and New Year.

But others, like Jon Nadler of Kitco reckon gold will hang around $1,600 and could go either way and is waiting for eurozone bond auctions next week and also to find out how much funds will be buying when they reallocate on 7 January (I don't know what that's about).

Earlier in the week Anthony Neglia of Tower Trading expected gold to carry on downwards and wasn't yet looking like a safehaven. But said above $1,625 could be the start of a bigger rally.

It hit $1625 a couple of times today. But eurozone and jobs data from the US could make Friday interesting - there was already some good jobs data on Thursday.

BullionVault: Another gold price rollercoaster

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