Sunday, 4 December 2011

Will BlackRock Gold and General slip back today (Monday)?

The BlackRock Gold and General fund posted its unit prices at midday on Friday accelerating gains from a low point at the beginning of last week.

After 12 noon precious metals miners in the UK looked like they were on the way down again with Fresnillo dropping before a last minute rise (more than 2% in the last 15 minutes) and Randgold Resources also falling (Google chart).

But the fund's biggest holding, the Australian gold miner Newcrest Mining kept most of the gains it made on Friday.

(UK financial advisers have ditched the fund from the Financial Express Adviser Fund Index.)

The US dollar denominated PHAU was helped by the central banks early in the week but a weakening pound sent the sterling denominated PHGP higher by Friday (Google Chart).

As the Merkozy eurozone talks reach their climax at the end of the week I'll probably be no clearer about what I want to do with the fund or the ETFs.

How the fund and ETFs looked on Friday 2 December 2011.


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