Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Violent gold thefts hit UK's Asian community says BBC

According to a BBC investigation the rising price of gold has sparked a number of violent robberies in Yorkshire's Asian community targeting wedding gold.

The written introduction for the half-hour-long radio show (broadcast last week) said: "As a result of the fear of this crime there is now a long waiting list for safety deposit boxes - as an alternative those with extended families try and ensure their homes are never left empty, whilst others are buying CCTV systems or working out what to hide where. According to the police it isn't just burglaries - the gold is also being snatched in streets robberies where Asians are being targeted and in a recent cases a newly married bride was robbed whilst at the wedding celebration itself."

A number of wedding gold robbery victims are interviewed and the ease with which stolen gold can be sold via online gold buyers is also discussed.

As a gold ETF investor I don't really care about the gold itself, I'm never likely to see anything I own via exchange traded funds. My focus is on its financial value. 

In fact I sold  all 28 of my gold shares a couple of days ago out of fear that the price of gold might fall as low as  $1,200 per oz. I aim to buy them back but that's not the same for people who own gold for other reasons.

I do own a gold signet ring which a number of local pawn shops valued at around £40 and I think I'd be quite upset if I had to sell it or it was stolen.

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