Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Update: glad to be distracted

On Monday Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse both were positive about gold and today it was reported that John Paulson cut his gold ETF holding by a third).

I haven't worked out what I'm going to do with some extra cash I'll be adding to my account over the next couple of weeks and, more importantly, I still haven'g got a selling strategy for my existing investment. Unfortunately I am too busy to work on either of these at the moment.

The main job is to ignore what other people are saying about the price and work out why I'm invested - and hopefully that'll provide me with an idea about whether I want to invest more, and under what conditions I'll think about selling.

Today my ETF Securities Physical ETF shares looked OK in term of sterling but were down in dollars.

But here's what my account looks like now:

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