Friday, 4 November 2011

Gold ETF holding more than doubled

From 22 September to 4 November I owned 8 shares of ETF Securities Physical Gold (PHAU).

I now own 18 of them. The extra 10 shares have set me back another £1092.

This is not going to look like a fortune to some but I don't have a great deal to play around with.

According to my Hargreaves Lansdown account my total holding in PHAU is now down by 3.26%:

At the end of the today PHAU was down 0.5% and the pound was up 0.65% against the dollar, both more favourable than the price at which I bought at.

I didn't check to see how my original shares were doing before this purchase but when I bought the original 8 shares they were £111.97 each. At the end of today these shares were worth £107.5.

So the 8 shares I bought for £111.97 were down 4% while the 10 I bought for £108.015 were down just under 0.5%.

I'm worried I've bought at a bad time but I felt that if I was buying as a defence against disaster I can't keep waiting for the disaster to pass before investing. Unfortunately gold has generally fallen in the wake of upsets then staged a recovery. While this shows it should make sense to invest after the event, do I know if that pattern is going to persist?

I have until Monday morning to work out what I'll do if the gold price falls sharply on Monday on the back of whatever may develop in Greece. For now though, it appears as if Greece has taken the least tumultuous route.

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